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We are known as

Natural Food Source Inc

Nimeks Inc Manufacturer

Natural Food Source Importer Trader

Nimeks does it all in Turkey

From growing, processing, and packaging to exporting. After being in the food business for more than 20 years, Nimeks has become one of the largest dried fruit exporters in Turkey, exporting its products to large wholesalers around the world.

Our headquarters/plant is located in an industrial zone close to the seaport city of Izmir in western Turkey. It is here, in our ISO 9001 and HACCP certified facility, that we process organic foods with state-of-the-art equipment and under the supervision of experienced food engineers. We are able to conduct physical and micro-biological analyses in laboratories located within our facility where the results are recorded and maintained in our Internal Quality Control System (I.Q.C.S). We also can arrange to have an independent laboratory conduct the necessary analyses upon customer request.

To insure product quality, we subject dried fruit products to shock freezing as soon as they arrive at our processing plant. In addition, our large Cold Storage facility is extensively utilized to maintain the product quality of vegetables and fruits from the time of receipt to actual packing

Organic Farming
Nimeks not only grows food on its own land, but also has exclusive contracts over 1,500 organic farms. Our organic products are grown on these farms under the counseling of Nimeks agriculture engineers who provide the necessary expertise and tools to insure consistent quality. Our organic products are controlled by ECOCERT International and certified according to Regulation EEC 2092/91. For quality tracking process, all products retain Origin Code numbers throughout the entire processing phase.

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